Research 101: Reading Informational Texts

Hey welcome back! It’s Day 3 of Research 101 blog posts - on Day 1, we looked at Encyclopedias & Databases. On Day 2, we looked at how to navigate and use online databases in our research. Click the hyperlinks to read those posts now, if you missed them!

Today we are going to go over some strategies that will help you become better at reading informational texts - like a textbook, an online database article, a nonfiction book, or an encyclopedia article.

Being able to read informational texts is an essential skill for almost every subject. Sometimes, these informational texts can seem overwhelming, especially if they are dense or lengthy - but there are a few strategies and tools that help you out and make the task less daunting.

Check out this infographic that breaks down strategies to tackle informational texts. Not only will these strategies help you read informational texts, they will help you read informational texts more effectively - meaning, you will get more out of the text and absorb more information.

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