General Research

World Book Encyclopedia

A great place to start your research! This is the place to start building your knowledge base about your topic.

  • Reliable, accessible information

  • Well-laid out with paragraph breaks, clear subtopics, outline for each article

  • Great charts, maps and graphics

  • Clear, straight-forward writing at an accessible reading level

  • Easy to use & access information

Encylopedia Britannica

Reliable and venerable, this massive encyclopedia, first published in the 1770s in Edinburgh, Scotland, remains a classic. 

  • 3 reading levels & is user-friendly

  • Provides access to thousands of articles, images, and links.

  • Citations automatically generated for your Works Cited/reference list

  • Read-aloud feature, useful for ESL students

  • Separate collection of articles about Canada: Canada in Focus

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Britannica ImageQuest

  • Use ImageQuest to search for rights-cleared images

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Gale Databases

Gale Databases are your next step for high quality, reliable information and next-level researching. 

  • Multiple high quality databases

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library - reference resources for every subject area: history, science, art, law, medicine, literature, etc. Up-to-date & indepth.

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Canada In Context

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Global Issues in Context

National Geographic Kids

Science in Context


Another high-quality, academic database for your research.

  • Access full journal articles

  • Canadian Points of View collectio

  • Rights-Cleared Image search

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