Ladysmith Secondary School Library

Welcome to the Library Learning Commons @ Ladysmith Secondary School


The Library Learning Commons  is a common space in the school open to being used for a variety of different school activities and events. A full-time teacher-librarian is there to support students and teachers and to promote learning, literature and school culture. 

The Library Learning Commons provides:

Student Services

The Library Learning Commons is a place where you can:

  • work with your teacher and class

  • collaborate with other students on school-related projects

  • work on school assignments, or to research personal interests, during a study block, or before or after school

  • look for books, and read in a quiet, relaxed environment

The Teacher-Librarian is available to help you: 


Special acknowledgement to Deborah Graham, retired LSS Teacher-Librarian for designing and generating all of the content for the original LSS Library Learning Commons Wiki. Much of her work was carried over to this platform - thank you, Deborah!

contact your teacher-librarian

Allison Girard, B.A, B.Ed, LIBE Graduate Diploma

Teacher-Librarian & Learning Leader: Inquiry & Innovation /
(250) 245 3043

Library Learning Commons Hours of Operation

Monday : 8am–2:00pm
Tuesday : 8am–3:30pm
Wednesday : 8am–3:30pm
Thursday : 8am–3:30pm
Friday : 8am - 2:30pm

Contact Mrs. Girard for additional availability . Hours are subject to change without notice.


Questions? Comments? Website feedback? Request a favourite book? Get in touch. 

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