Never Judge A Book By Its Cover... Except These Ones

We’ve all heard the old phrase that you should never judge a book by its cover - except those times when you totally can, and you totally should.

There was, like, twenty minutes when eBooks first first the market and everyone panicked thinking that it was THE END of print books! Alas - it was not THE END of print books (thankfully so). BUT something really cool came out of all that panic that eBooks were going to take over the world.

What happened was publishers put their heads together and thought: how can we make sure people still want to read the print books that we publish? One of the strategies they came up with was: make the books SUPER BEAUTIFUL.

And so, when you’re looking around Chapters these days - you might notice that cover art is totally just that - legitimate works of art. Publishers have redoubled their efforts to make their print books so beautiful that people simply can’t resist picking them up.

This librarian, for one, has fallen prey to these marketing tactics and you - the students of LSS - get to reap the benefits. Come down to the library today and check out some of the beautiful new editions of perennial classics that we’ve added to the library collection this week.

allison girard