6 Podcasts You'll Love

You probably already knew this, but now it's official - podcasts are a thing. So much so, that the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary has officially included a definition of "podcast": 

podcast n. a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar programme, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player.

So it's a thing. If you've never podcast-ed (not sure on the official status of Podcast as a verb but I'm going with it), picture this: radio-style programs on every subject and topic under the sun that you can subscribe to and have automatically downloaded to your phone. Did I mention they're free? 

Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

Serial - this was the podcast that got everyone listening to podcasts. If you binge-watched Making a Murderer on Netflix last year (and who didn't...?), this one is for you. 

Ted Talks Daily - Because who doesn't love a Ted Talk?

Somebody Knows Something - CBC Radio does the true-crime-investigative-journalism-cold-case-podcast thing  - and knocks it out of the park. (All the bonus points for Canadian content)

Grammar Girl - because no one wants their grammar corrected on social media. Short, quick tips on how to improve your writing. 

Youth Radio - I just learned about this one:

"Youth Radio is not only for teens, it’s created by teens. The mission of this site is to train future broadcast journalists. Similar in approach to many public radio broadcasts, the content is made up of stories written and produced by teens across the country."

How Stuff Works - Ever wondered by pistachios are sold in their shells, unlike most nuts? Neither did I, until I saw that How Stuff Works recorded a podcast to explain why. There is such a wide variety of topics and podcasts available through How Stuff Works that I'd recommend browsing their website - where they've sorted their podcasts by topic: everything from adventure & animals to health & science. 

If you like audiobooks - odds are, you'll love podcasts. If listening to audiobooks is like reading a novel, listening to a podcast feels like flipping through a magazine. Podcasts are typically released in episodes, ranging from 20-60 minutes. 

Episodes are perfect walk-to-school, fold-your-laundry, mow-the-lawn length. Listening to a podcast while you tackle your chores will make you feel like a double-tasking ninja. Your bus ride home will never feel more productive.




allison girard