Poet in Residence @ LSS


Last Friday we welcomed poet Matt Rader in the library @ LSS, thanks to Poetry in Voice organization's Poets in Residence program. Also a Creative Writing professor at UBC Okanagan, Matt guided LSS students through fun & interactive poetry exercises, helping students to create their own unique & wonderful poems. 

Here's one to try: 

The Fibber’s Delight

Write a poem that tells us all about you in which each line is a lie. Aim for outrageousness.

Example: “Lies Poem” by Mercedes Mesen from Kenneth Koch’s Wishes, Lies and Dreams.

Lies Poem by Mercedes Mesen

I live in the sun and am always freezing. My teacher is a monkey. My desk is made of roses and I have to water them every day. I go to school in a swimming pool. My spelling words are my name and address. I am a ball. I live under my books. I walk to the moon three times a week. I have muscles made of dew. When it is Christmas I go outside for Halloween. My dress is made of wood. I read books about myself. I was going up to space in my father’s car. I have hair made of eggs, dew, paper, meat and cheese. My teeth are the moon, sun, earth and all the planets. When I’m at school at midnight, I can see the wind.

Click to learn more about Matt Rader here, or pop by the library today to check out his published volumes of poetry (we have signed copies of all four!)

allison girard