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Canadian & BC Databases

  • Top quality database with Canadian content featuring:

    • Biography, geography, business & economics, governmeent, history, literature & the arts, science & health, social issues, sports, world cultures & religion

  • Reference materials, biographies, news & magazine articles, academic journals, images & videos

  • Citation generating tools & text-to-speech features

  • Top quality Canadian resource for history, geography and culture.

  • Browse by events, people, places or things or search

  • Features excellent timelines, videos, primary sources, maps & other interactive resources.

  • Indigenous Peoples collection

  • A resource by Simon Fraser University's Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast First Nations

  • Extensive digital image collection

  • Northwest Coast Village Project: visual collection of primary sources and artefacts to bring the heritage of Coastal communities to life

  • Art & architecture resources & a variety of online exhibits

  • Over 600 full virtual exhibits from museums across Canada

  • Excellent Teachers' Centre with learning resources & lesson plans

  • Federally funded institution with free streaming of thousands of documentaries and animated Canadian films.

  • Canadian Socieoeconomic Databases with information gathered by the census

  • Key Resource tab with interesting information, including maps with visual representations of regional characteristics, differences and trends.

  • Online encylopedia with up-to-date information specific to British Columbia

  • In association with BC Archives, with lots of audio and visual content related to BC history

  • Excellent features: geological timelines, information on indigenous languages, Gold Rush collection

  • Primary resources on British Columbia's history

  • Large collection of photos of events & people through BC's history

  • Photos are public domain - anyone can download and use them without worrying about copyright

  • High quality website featuring digital volumes on: First Nations, Inuit, Métis and Truth & Reconciliation

  • Good for primary sources, high quality graphics, maps and first person accounts.

& more


National Geographic Map Maker

  • Free, printable one-page maps

  • Fully customizable - select your continent/country/province & choose which details (borders, capitals, cities, etc.) you want included

  • Save & print as a PDF or save as image + insert into a document

Holocaust Encyclopedia

  • Created by the American Holocaust Museum

  • Excellent Education for Students section

  • Features: Holocaust testimonies, written & audio (excellent primary sources)

Eric Wiesstein's Science World

  • Information on chemistry, math, physics & astronomy

  • Excellent definitions & brief descriptions of concepts; extensive biographies of famous scientists

Asia Pacific Curriculum

  • Asia-focused resources for BC high school teachers & students

  • Contempory Asia & modern Asian history

  • Each content article features maps, primary sources, quizzes, audio components and additional teacher resources including lesson plans